Dragon Age 2 Following In Mass Effect's Footsteps

Dragon Age 2 isn't pulling just one page from Mass Effect's book. It's pulling several, including the ones titled "conversation systems" and "save game continuity".

Information from the latest issue of Game Informer has begin appearing online, and mentions that Dragon Age 2 is doing away with the classic "tree" dialogue system, where you're presented with lines of text that you select, and replacing it with Mass Effect's "wheel", which uses intent as a means of generating almost "real-time" conversations. There's a slight change, though; rather than basing your answers on their position on the wheel, the "hub" will now clearly indicate what tone your response will be; anger, flirting, etc.

You'll also be able to carry over your save game from the first title, the events you forged in Dragon Age determining how things turn our in the sequel. Sounds strange, but Dragon Age 2 begins while the final events of the first game are coming to a close, so there's cross-over there.

Another change - and this might be the biggest - is that only the PC version will retain Origins' "strategic combat". The console versions will feature a new combat system, one BioWare says plays to the strength of the control pad. "Rather than try to mimic the PC experience on consoles," the GI report states, "Dragon Age II has a battle system more tailored to the strengths of the PS3 and 360."

Sounds like your Dragon Age combat just got Oblivioned.

As one of those bastards that prefers Mass Effect's more "contemporary" take on the RPG to Dragon Age: Origins' more "classic" approach, I'm digging these changes, as in many places Dragon Age felt like playing a game from, well, 2003. That said, those left upset by the move, I will understand, and provide tissues and hugs if need be. Change can be tough when you liked the thing it used to be.


    I played the first dragon age on 360 just like mass effect. I was on easy, bought all the pots from any vendor I found, didn't die once, played entirely in real time.

    Go I hope they don't turn this into Gear of War with XP like they did Mass Effect 2. I'm relieved the hear the PC interface will remain similar but I'm worried about them simplifying it to be more "mass appealing".

      Too right!

      We can't have videogames appealing the the masses!

      We MUST never ever evolve the genre!

      We can't have RPG developers developing a future for the genre, guaranteeing their jobs and their livelihoods, bringing money into a studio which would have otherwise died and forced that talent into other fields of employment...

        I am fairly sure you can evolve the genre of a game without changing the genre to something else, like say RPG changing to an FPS.

        They seemed to be doing alright up until EA bought them........

        Ok, Funky J, I take it you think everyone should also _like the same things_, and we should all be "eating" the same non-challenging, no chewing required nutrient slime?

        I hate to tell you but video games in general are quite popular. There are plenty of non-dumbed down, quite good, video games out there that sell quite well. Game designers don't need to take the low road - it's a shame sometimes they feel pressure to do so.

        So yeah, Funky J, let's encourage them to make the quality games they want to make shall we, and not encourage them to just give up and make tripe.

        epic trolling there Funky

        I'm with the other guys - Just because something is working for another game does not mean that everyone should follow suit and do the same things.

        Amusing that you say about evolving the genre, yet what is happening here is far from evolving the genre. Evolving means making something different, changing something - not copy pasting from something else.

        There are already plenty of games that are samey and not many "classic" feeling RPGS these days. The classic feel is what brought me to Dragon Age, but now it seems to be on the way to becoming another game with the Dragon Age name tacked on for selling power.

        Now i could be completely wrong - which i hope i am as we are still yet to see much of this game... but think before you start spewing misguided/trollish sarcasm

          Hear, hear!

            Hear, hear! again!

            Also I think i may need those tissues, though i can probably survive without the hug. I absolutely loved Dragon Age: Origins, didn't like mass effect 2 as much as 1.

            Gaming seems to be going in the wrong direction for me, might be time to find a new hobby.

        Okay - Seriously, everyone - He has a point.
        Though it is likely that it won't be as good a game - It will be a more purchased game. I don't like it, hell, they probably don't like it - But we'll have to grit our teeth and put up with it.

        And - I was told that ME2 was fantastic...Hrmm.

          I think the term that should be applied to ME2's changes is "streamlined." And Mass Effect 2 IS fantastic. You would think so too if you were a true BioWare fan :P

      If ME2 was Gears of War with XP, than there would be no morality system or branching paths....

    stop showing dragon age 2 i cant take the wait any more with articles being shown for it all the time

    pc staying how it is. I'm happy

    I'll be playing it on pc

    as it should be done :D

      As shall I! I have part 1 on the pc, I played it on the consoles and just couldn't get into it. However the pc version is one of the finest games I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

    Different battle system for home console, nooooooo!!!

      I've only just started my first playthrough of DA on the PC, and reading this already makes me a sad panda.

      Playing Dragon Age after playing Mass Effect 2 is a nice change IMO. Now I liked Mass Effect 2, and I didn't mind the conversation system or the paragon/renegade events (except when conversation choices took a complete opposite tone to what you expected/wanted).
      But my character in Dragon Age feels so much more like one I have created, compared to Shepard.

      In Mass Effect I felt as if I was always playing to someone else's rules. It was always someone else's Shepard, all I could have a say in was if they were good or evil.
      I can see how a single 'pre-prepared' Shepard-esque character can provide a very cinematic experience, but it also removes a huge amount of user involvement in that character. It feels more like a movie than a character you're in control of.

      I think I just prefer to take ownership of my character and their actions in RPG's, rather than playing someone else's script.
      If I have to sacrifice animation quality and voice acting quality to be able to do this, then so be it. It's why I still enjoy DA, even though I've finished ME2 a couple of times.
      But in the future, I'm no longer going to have that choice. Just Mass Effect 3, and Dragon Effect 2. The Michael Bay of video games.

      TLDR: DA and ME2, keep them entirely different. Just because people said one did something new and enjoyable, it doesn't mean the other one wasn't still just as enjoyable and that they now need to become clones!

      (Glad to hear the PC version is keeping combat similar, although I wish they could either make it turn-based or at least the option to automatically pause after actions, because I'm getting damn sick of constantly mashing the spacebar trying to replicate it)

        Whoops, reply =/= new post!

        I agree.
        I played ME2 and DA and enjoyed both.
        However, it is DA I'm playing through for the 3rd time.

    I think I'll be getting the PC version now. I wonder if my character/saves will be able to be transfered over.

      I wouldn't be surprised... remember they made you sign up to that social club thing?

    As a Baldur's Gate fan for a decade, I'm happy that the combat will stay the same for the PC version.

    As a PS3 owner with a crap PC, I'm also glad that the combat will be tailored to a control pad. By God, as much as I like DA:O on PS3, the combat is far too clunky and annoying.

    im kinda pissed about this

    i really dont like ME approach to the conversation

    i like to know what my charachters gonna say i mean this person is meant to be an extenstion of myself thats the whole point of having a morality system as well

    and as stated by cameron why do we de-evolve games to be tailored for the mass appeal on the consoles as opposed to having truely great gaming experiences

    the whole point of dragon age to begin with in my mind was to be a numbers based RPG similar to baldurs gate and the like the changes they keep mentioning(this a non custom hero) make it sound like there moving out of the awesome type of RPG grounds like Kotor and more into the RPG with Set hero that we can pump out a new game for ever 1-2 years

    i mean they say were taking on the role of hawke and his journey will be tailored by the way we play but why cant we just have any old charachter for that

    to me i connect more with a blank slate than i do a preset person because as i said its an extension of me as opposed to watching someone elses creation while i do the shooting for them

      I think it's more of the emotional appeal for the game :P Who else should I respond to...

    I don't know whether to get DA2 on a console or PC. I have DA:O on pc and really like it but it lags like hell on my computer on medium setting so I have to have it on low settings and that makes it look kinda crap.
    I was planning on getting DA2 on either 360 or ps3 but hearing that I will be able to carry over the save from DA:0 is making me think I should get it on pc even if I have to have the graphics on low.
    Also theres the combat. Whilst I liked the combat in DA:O I think I might like it being a bit more action based and that sounds like what DA2 on consoles are going to have. Hopfully some videos of combat on both console and pc will come out before the game comes out so I can make up my mind. I say before the game comes out because I'm planning on pre ordering the collectors or limited or what ever it is edition.

    Hmmm. I'm wary of DA2 going down the same track of Mass Effect 2, because fundamentally I think they're different titles with vastly different markets in mind. Still, it's far too early to make any judgments before we've actually seen the game in action.

    was shenmue the first game to do this? doubt it but...

    I was liking all the changes announced so far. But pruning the conversation tree? Conversations were boring in Mass Effect, Shepherd said things entirely different to what I would select, and being a character who fluctuated between rogue and paragon meant that later game most of my responses were grayed out. The challenge of resolving conflicts in a myriad of ways through intelligent wording regressed instead to the enemy either being gunned by you, your teammate, or themselves.

    Oh well, no doubt my party will still have amusing quips to make from time to time.

    I am so glad they are keeping the "classic" style combat on the PC.
    Mass Effect 1 and 2 were great, as was DA:O but they were different games built for different markets.
    I am OK with the single main character as long as the customisation options are there to some extent, though I would like to know how much customisation we can do (Male/Female I've heard, what about Race and Class?)

    I didn't mind the combat on 360... but then I played as a tank, so maybe it was different for rouges / mages.

    I do hope the new one has a larger party... with funnier dialogue.

    And I'd like to be able to field six people at a time instead of four.

    I hope the changes for the console will be a more active way of attacking. DA:O is an excellent PC game but feels odd for consoles sadly. Here's hoping the changes don't make me as angry as I was playing ME2 and waiting to finish a mission to get my EXP.

      I just felt that it seemed rewarding, but I didn't complain to begin with because I was simply having too much fun with the STREAMLINED and not stripped o_o

    I hope they include the more "console-streamlined" combat system as an option for the PC, as well (after all, that's what gamepads are for), although I doubt they'd do it. And yes, bigger parties would be nice - they could always offset it by having enemy spawns relative to the number of party members you currently have, so that low-spec computers could have a traditional party of 4 and face enemies that 4 characters could feasibly take down. Or (if their hardware can handle it) they could march with a party of 10 and face legions of beasties.

    I think that doing the same changes that were in mass effect would be great. More action and it will be like action-rpg, like Diablo series and Diablo 2
    is the best rpg ever on pc. Anyways doing changes will be nice.

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