Dragon Age II's New Look, Now In Screen Shots

BioWare's next big role-playing game, Dragon Age II, will be a very different thing. For starters, the sequel sports a "new visual style", readily apparently from concept art and newly released first screen shots of Dragon Age II.

Game Informer magazine subscribers are already basking in printed versions of Dragon Age II's new artistic direction, but now you can see them (legitimately) online.

There's less photorealism and less blood-splattered heroes and villains, with some familiar faces re-imagined. Our new hero, Hawke, appears to have less Uncanny Valley heritage in his blood, thanks to the sequel's new look, but I'm sure you have your own opinions about the new look. So, opinions?

Dragon Age II: First Screenshots [Game Informer]


    I like it, though I hope the end product will have more contrasty lighting.

    Looks great! One of the main issues with Dragon Age: Origins for me was the character design, which had a last gen/generic feel.

    This guy has heaps more personality.

    Bring it on!!

      having my option to create my own charachter being removed from me is not something i favour in an RPG

      i like knowing that my charachter is just that myn

      someone else may have something similar but they wont have the same height the same hair color eye color bulk

    I want to see more items in this game. DA has such a small selection of items – particularly when you want the later level good stuff – that all three times I finished the game I had my team geared up in the exact same stuff give or take an item or two. Its times like these you really envy WoW at least they had an item library that read like 500 page novel.

    I still haven't beaten Dragon Age: Origins. I'm close though I'm up to the landsmeet.

    Looks ok - i'll reserve my judgements till i see it in action though

    i cant stop thinking about this and bullet storm hurry up next year this is rubbish only crysis 2 and star craft 2

    Finished Origins on the weekend and started Awakening... but this; this I want.

    The first game had some great art design, but it was all hidden under an engine that looked generic at best and quite ugly at worst. This is a great move in my opinion.

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