Dragon Quest IX Dated For Australia

Dragon Quest IX Dated For Australia

Dragon Quest is the most popular RPG series in Japan. It’s bigger than Final Fantasy! It is not, however, bigger than Final Fantasy in Australia.

So who’s excited about Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies arriving on DS in Australia next month? August 19, to be precise.

It’s been over four years since Dragon Quest VIII released in Australia. Curiously, the series has moved from PlayStation 2 to Nintendo DS, skipping the HD consoles entirely. That only proves how popular it is in Japan.

I’ve never played a Dragon Quest game, ever. From this ignorant prespective, DQIX looks just like Final Fantasy circa FF’s VII through IX on PSone. Am I close?

Can someone explain the difference between Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy? And would I like DQIX if I a) liked FFVI but b) hated FFXIII?


  • Basically Dq has a different story every game, just like FF, but it inherits all the classic things that made game game a huge success, It’s pretty much the same old dragon quest but with enhanced graphics.

    DQIX is probably a bit different because of the multi-play and all the customization.
    It’s a great series that is really unappreciated outside japan, unfortunately…

    BTW- What the hell happened with mega man zero collection in Australia???? I cant find the OZ version on ebay, but in none of the stores…

    • I can help you out with this. It was Preorder Only at almost every store. I have no idea why, as I’ve seen heaps of people ask for it, even though it had zero advertising.

      That said, it went for $70AUD in every store, too, so you’re just as well to pick it up on eBay as in person…

  • My advice is to name your character after a Dragon Ball character b/c you will deffinatly be able to make them look just like them!

  • If you still have a PS3 that can play PS2 games, or better yet a PS2. Go pick up Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King. If you can’t find that, I recommend DQ V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

    I love the Dragon Quest series because it’s almost like an untouched resource or traditional RPG goodness. World map, towns, heaps of enemies, spells, weapons and items and best of all it’s got a lot of humour in it. DQ has a lot going for it besides the main story, in just about every game you can recruit almost every enemy you see onto your team in a Pokémon style catching game. You can also waste your time doing many of the games optional activities like blowing all your money at the casino trying to score that awesome sword.

    DQ is still, for the most part, rather linear. But it doesn’t feel linear because it allows you to do things at your own pace. As for mixing it up with the characters, you can recruit a whole lot of people in this game, so just find what you like.

    I would definitely recommend this entire series if you were a fan of any of the FF games that were in the single digits.

  • My thoughts: DQ takes itself FAR less seriously than FF. There are a lot of word jokes, whether on monster names, locations, characters etc. The stories tend to be reasonable epic (DQ4 follows 4-5 characters separately at first, then they all some together in the final ‘chapter’, DQ5 takes your character from childhood, through early adulthood, to fatherhood) but not as dramatically serious as FF.

    Since the word jokes tend to be loved or hated (depending on your taste) here are a couple of my favourite examples, just so you know what they’re like.

    A floating eyeball monster, named “Eye-pod”
    In the “Abbey of the Goddess Above” the nuns are all named “Nun of the Above”

    And (though I haven’t seen this myself, it’s in DQ9) a character called “Jack of all trades” is later named “Master of Nu’un”

    Some people (me) love ’em, some hate them.

    As for the final question, I loved FF6 and I love all the DQ games I’ve played. I’ve never played XIII, so I can’t help on that one.

  • I’ve had a real dislike of the DQ series right up until VIII, I tried and gave up on serveral of them V was the closest I got to beating.

    Compared to FF the games are far more grind heavy and story light. The more light hearted tone is refreshing compared to the angst heavy FF series.

    While FF has always been about pushing the visuals/audio of whatever system it appears on DQ seems to stay true to its battle mechanics and dated visuals with the games almost becoming psudeo retro titles the further they moved away from the NES era.

    What made VIII playable was the fact that the game was heavily retooled for the western market. Difficulty was tweaked but the major revisions were with the presentation. Voice acting was added and the orgiinal chip tone inspired soundtrack was removed and replaced with orchestral score. Also the localisation took liberties with the dialouge to give it a fun english themed style that worked quite well.

    The coop element looks interesting for IX and apparently the difficulty and length of the main quest has been scaled right back for this version so its certainly going to be one of the most accessable titles to date.

  • Essentially what it comes down to is that if your main draw to JRPGs is the story and characters, you’re going to prefer FF. If your main draw is the battle system and general gameplay, especially if you like the turn-based style, then you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of DQ.

    FF is technologically progressive, DQ is very traditional. FF is all about the plot, DQ is all about the gameplay.

    DQ is also more popular in Japan, and if you want to really drill into Japanese games in any capacity you owe it to yourself to give a DQ game a spin at some point, even if it’s just to confirm you don’t like it. Personally I like JRPGs a lot, and DQ’s gameplay is fun, but with the couple I’ve tried I found I never really got engaged by them, primarily because the plot never hooked me in. But for a lot of people that’s exactly what they want. The same way that a lot of people like difficult, traditional dungeon-crawlers like Etrian Odyssey.

  • I’d say the main difference is the type of story told. DQ is typically a lot more tongue-in-cheek, with its cartoon-ey graphics, clichéd plots and silly (but typically very well designed) characters (and some overtly over-sexualised females thrown in for good measure).
    FF on the other hand features much more (melo?) dramatic stories with a much greater focus on serious plots (and teen angst).

    As for gameplay, FF seems to always try some new, complicated mechanics, while DQ maintains the ‘old school’ RPG toughness and simple gameplay, finding depth with subtle changes to the system rather then reworking the whole thing.

    So to the second question, it depends why you like FFVI. If you liked the serious story, you probably wont be a DQ fan, but if you liked the solid, traditional fighting style you’d probably like DQ. From what i’ve heard though, DQIX is meant to be multiplayer focused, so they nerfed the main character’s back stories, which takes away much of the charm. If that’s what you want, play DQVIII – actually, play VIII in any case – it’s an exceptionally beautiful and immensely enjoyable game, which, despite its terrible story and, at times, rather challenging gameplay, has some great characters and very enjoyable combat mechanics. And, at one point, the female character gets a set of armour that looks like a bikini. Oh Japanese game designers, never change.

    In summary, DQIX will probably be more like FFVI then FFXIII, although i haven’t played DQIX or FFXIII yet, so what do I know.

  • I’m playing DQIX right now, and I have to say it seems quite good. I haven’t played any other games in the DQ series, so I can’t make any comparisons.
    Oh, one of the features that I like is the lack of random encounters.
    Generally speaking it has a similar feeling to Chrono Trigger (not to mention the graphics for the characters).

  • Once again, I blame Nintendo of Australia for such a delayed released; in comparison to the US and EU release dates.

    To compensate, I’m getting a US copy imported. So looking forward to this 🙂

  • One thing I found majorly weird was that there are no other party members.
    Well there are but you either make them, or they’re generic characters randomly generated by the game, as far as I can tell from what I’ve researched (yeah, I research).
    So you can go through the whole game solo or with 3 other characters you make from the ground up (or select from predetermined ones).
    Either way, they don’t get any dialogue.
    Can anyone confirm/deny that?

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