Dress Your Family Room In Asteroids And Centipedes

Kitchen not Asteroids-referencing enough? Have a Centipede problem in your foyer, as in not enough Centipede stickers slathered upon your walls? Wall experts Blik and retro-game rights holders Atari can fix that right up.

Two of Atari's most recognisable classic games join the long list of Blik wall graphics that can express your personal nerd-style in vinyl. Each set of Asteroids and Centipede themed will set you back $US45, cheaper than Blik's Super Mario Bros wall stickers, but equally fun to adhere to your living space.

Centipede & Asteroids [Blik]


    Asteroids please!!!

    it'll go with my Asteroids Tee :D

    Oh damn. Now I wish I owned a wall so I could put these up. Definitely Asteroids for me, but I also love the eBoy one they have..

      I'm pretty sure you could still pu them up on your cardboard box...

        Cardboard box? Ha, luxury! I'm living in a rusty soup can, in a ditch, that's covered on fire!

        I do get surprisingly good internet though. iiNet certainly do deliver!

          Well now i feel like the one in the ditch.. yuo can get good IINet service in a soup tin in the ground on fire, but they can;t even give me ADSL 2+ because i live in geelong... how does that work?!

            I know the feeling Chuloopa.
            i was close to the cbd(the city edge of Geelong West) and was on ADSL2+, now that i've moved out into the burbs i'd have to go with Telstra for decent speeds.

    Oh man I want the Asteroids decals to go with my Asteroids arcade machine.

      You bastard... you had to one up me didn't you.. lol :P

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