EA Sports MMA Calls It A Career

Earlier today EA Sports revealed plans for Fight Night Champion next year, but let's not forget the publisher has a combat sports title coming out this year - EA Sports MMA, whose career mode is showcased in 17 new screens.

Career mode will incorporate the game's international motif, so you won't just be fighting in Brazil, Thailand or the US according to MMA rules and rings there, you can train in those locations as well. Big names like Randy Couture Bas Rutten, Rickson Gracie and pat Miletich will be represented in the game as trainers.

In career mode players will pick the techniques they want to learn and improve and then practice them in drills, which should both improve your fighter's attributes as well as tutor you in effective fighting.

EA Sports MMA will be released October 19 on PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Another game that I'll be nabbing when it gets to the shelves.

    hmm i haven;t been intersted in any MMA games thus far (brutal barbarianistic sport) - but this looks to add some really cool new attributes, especially the whole training thing..

      I thought that too until I got into Kyokoshin Karate, now that I understand a lot of the moves and techniques, I can see a lot more and understand a lot more of what's actually going on in the ring. It's not actually 'two guys hugging on the ground', there's a hell of a lot of technique and style going on there. It still does degrade unfortunately in some matches into a pitbull fight, alas, but when the real fighters get going? It's a sight to behold.

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