EA To Bring Us More NERF Than We Can Shake A Foam Sword At

EA will be shipping a NERF bundle pack this October. The NERF N-Strike Double Blast Bundle package will include two old Wii games NERF N-Strike and sequel NERF N-Strike Elite.

Also included is a custom Switch Shot EX-3 NERF gun with attachable red reveal decoder lens. The Switch shot allows players to insert a Wii remote for use as a light gun and remove it to seamlessly turn it back into a NERF gun.

"The NERF N-Strike Double Blast Bundle will be the ultimate digital NERF immersion experience to date, providing hours of adrenaline-charged NERF-style gameplay and fun," said Chip Lange, senior vice president and general manager of EA's Hasbro division. Lange sounds confident keeping us inside is the right way to go.


    Will this ALSO sit in stores for 12 months before finally selling thru the day 1 drop at $20?

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