Enormous Patch Coming Tomorrow For PC Dragon Age

BioWare says a PC patch is due to arrive tomorrow for Dragon Age: Origins, and indicated the same thing is in the certification pipeline for PS3 and Xbox 360. It arrives on schedule and corrects a ton of things.

The full list of fixes, per BioWare:

General Fixes

• Daggers will now properly assign the dexterity-based damage bonus

• Achievement images and messages will now display properly.

• Resolved some authorization issues with downloadable content.

• Blood talents from the Grey Warden Base premium downloadable content will now work properly in Awakening.

• Fixed an issue where installing new downloadable content would occasionally leave the "Other Campaigns" selection greyed-out without a restart of the game.

• Multiple transitions in and out of Fade areas will no longer multiply the number of visual effects running and slow down gameplay.

• Floating numbers no longer appears over players' heads.

• Damage statistics will now be updated properly on the Inventory screen when weapons were unequipped.

• Importing a character to a new module from a savegame that did not have the hero in the party caused the game to crash.

• If a character is imported into Dragon Age: Awakening and is stripped of their incompatible gear from DLC, they will be equipped with default equipment.

• Names with accents and special characters will now show up correctly in the Story So Far load hints.

• Switching between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Awakening will no longer reset options to default settings.

• Fixed a number of memory leaks that were increasing the number of crashes

• Audio drivers were causing a number of audio-related crashes. As such, audio drivers have been updated.

• Fixed issues that were preventing portraits from being uploaded to the BioWare social site.

• Game saves on Xbox 360 were being corrupted if you sold too many items to the same merchant. Saves will no longer be corrupted if you do this.

• Screenshots are no longer automatically uploaded on the PC by default on new installations.

• Fixed pick-pocketing. Characters were successfully stealing, but not receiving any items.

Dragon Age: Origins Fixes

• Fixed an issue that would cause incorrect characters to occasionally appear in Morrigan's ritual.

• Players who rescued their party members in the Fade of the Broken Circle plot were still forced to fight the sloth demon alone. This has been resolved.

• It is no longer possible for the player to get blocked during gameplay by pursuing both candidates' quests in the Orzammar plot line.

Dragon Age: Awakening Fixes

• A variety of bugs were preventing personal quests from triggering and causing issues with party member approval have been fixed.

• Lillith will no longer repeatedly thank the player at Vigil's Keep after being rescued.

• During the Assault on Amaranthine, a bug would occasionally make some enemies invincible, which impeded game progress. This no longer happens.

• Imported rogue characters will now properly detect traps.

• The message, "Legacy tattoo asset do not use!" will no longer appear on the faces of imported characters.

• Masterpiece and paragon silverite runes are now weapon runes instead of armour runes.

• The masterpiece slow rune is now available for purchase from merchant stores.

• Players may now receive notes of appreciation from their Origins love interests.

Upcoming Dragon Age Patch Info [BioWare, thanks Berns]


    I was playing the City Elf Origin story last night - my 2 elf party was fighting a dog like creature and saying things like 'you'll pay for that human!'... I guess elves don't make distinction between us and our pets?

    I've been waiting for this patch to start up a new game.

    "Daggers will now properly assign the dexterity-based damage bonus"

    It only took them... eight months?

    Going to miss those floating numbers.

    What's an RPG without floating numbers... what's happened to the world?

    **Possible Spoiler**

    How about "game breaking bug that stops monsters spawning at player keep during battle and thus stops progress"?

    "fixed memory leaks" i preordered this game and haven't played it since i picked it up cos of that issue, its a good thing its fixed but too little too late... especially after the shameful ingame dlc salesman ruining the experience

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