Epic Mickey Spawns ‘Tales Of The Wasteland’ Comic Book Spin-offs

Disney's Epic Mickey is only coming to the Wii, but a newly announced pair of comic book projects based on the game will bring Mickey's adventures to other platforms, including paper, PSP and the iPhone.

Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector and comic book writer Peter David held a panel at Comic-Con today, offering a look at portions of the video game world. Peter David revealed that he was working on a series of stories that would help flesh out the fiction of Epic Mickey with a digital comic series dubbed "Tales of the Wasteland." The comic book shorts will serve as a prologue to Epic Mickey and focus on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and "tales of what Wasteland was like before the events of the game."

David teased one of the stories, in which Oswald decides that he would be more popular if he were a different creature. Mickey's half-brother Oswald will try out new identities including Oswald the Lucky Duck, Oswald the Lucky Stiff—"Basically he's a zombie," David said—and Oswald the Lucky Devil, who finds himself on the Night of Bald Mountain from Fantasia.

"Unfortunately, we were not allowed to do my favourite, Oswald the Lucky Rabbi," David joked.

The six part series will be made available via the iPhone, PlayStation Network's Digital Comics platform and every other platform Disney can fit the things on.

In addition to providing a sneak peek at some of the artwork David also said that he's working on a graphic novel adaptation of Epic Mickey, a 64-page retelling of the game.


    I'll wait for the Jewish version, ehh.

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