Everyday Kinect Is Getting Better And Better

Worried about Kinect lag? Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game designer behind Rez and Lumines, is here to quell your fears.

Mizuguchi is hard at work on a multi-platform rhythm game for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. About Kinect, he told website CVG, "Every day the technology and software improves, so we're constantly tuning it. Nothing is optimal at the beginning of a new technology, but it's been getting better and better the more we work with it."

As CVG points out, Microsoft has argued that any lag should be judged in respects to experience and not "milliseconds".

Like with any hardware, the more time developers spend with it, the better it will gradually become.

News: Kinect tech 'improving every day' [CVG]


    No any output should be measured by lag in milliseconds from input stimuli....

      Yes, as an absolute measure of lag. But where the gameplay is not defined entirely by the milliseconds between a movement and the resultant action, it isn't an issue.

        Which is basically another way of saying, "good luck playing Hardcore titles with Kinect".

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