Ex-Age Of Empires Devs Working On Microsoft Strategy Game

Microsoft's "Project S", a secret strategy game that we uncovered earlier today, isn't a Halo title. It is, however, being worked on by by former Age of Empires developers.

Robot Entertainment, a studio that was formed by ex-Ensemble staffers following the closure of the venerable PC developers, is the team responsible for "Project S", whose launch screen you can see up top there.

It's not Halo. The game's other codename, Spartan, appears to be its actual name, with the splash screen showing a cute little Greek warrior. As for what type of game it is, that we don't know; the original reports said it was a "ground-breaking strategy game", though from the load-up sequence terminology - which has quests, units and crafting - we could guess it's got some RPG elements to it as well.

Robot's website - which coincidentally relaunched today - also mentions that the studio is working on a game for Microsoft Game Studios.


    I picked it! :)

      A demonstration of exprerince and know how garnered from your years of game journalism, Jung, I'm sure.

        My sarcasm detector is off the charts!

      shut up jung and stop bragging...

      omfg. i just told one of my most respected gamers to shut up.... NOW I'M A REAL MAN!!

    From the font and splash screen above, it looks a little kid-friendly for me. And "ground-breaking strategy game" sounds like the usual marketing parlance/spin. Hmmmm.

      It's still in alpha, at this point it's more about gameplay and mechanics than graphics.

    you think that's cute?

    what has this world come to.

    I keep hitting the "Play" button on that screenshot and nothing is happening?

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