Existence Of Black Ops Controllers Confirmed

Shots of MadCatz' new line of of Duty: Black Ops peripherals have surfaced and well, yes, the controllers are in fact black.

The lineup was announced way back at E3; earlier today Josh Olin, the Treyarch community manager, tweeted a link to the controller bling. The images actually come from Games Radar, a week ago. We reached out to both Activision and Mad Catz but haven't gotten official images yet. That said, no one's denying these are legit.

Not pictured, there are some controller faceplates running $US14.99, a charging unit for $US39.99, a PC gamepad for $US29.99 that doesn't have the precision-shot functionality of its console cousins and some voice headsets for all four platforms.


    That mouse looks trippy, I'm not even much of a pc gamer and I want one.

      Same here since I've seen it.

    ..... I want them all.

    haha they all look like they'd be more at home in a transformers game

    Ok, if I had a "interest rating" in this topic it would be in the negatives but just stopped by to say:


    Well played, Owen Good.

    Is there some website that has tutorials on how to mod a wireless 360 controller to include the 2 under buttons and the handle grips... or better yet, someone selling them?

    i want the 360 one, but in wireless..... oh well

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