Eyes On The Prize

So long from Comic-Con, and the indoctrination of another generation of gamer/geeks. Picture via Shiraz Malik.


    that little kid looks completely awed.

    Is she meant to be Bayonetta?

      I don't think so.. pretty lame effort if it is. For start, Bayonetta has dark hair :)

      She wears that outfit very well.

      who the hell cares!

        Amen brother.

    Look how much she loves it lol i think we'll see more and more of girls abusing their power in the male dominated social environment of gamers for years to come, but then again I won't be complaining.

    where's the pics of the other side! her hands are on her bum! lol

    Yummy Mommy.

    I feel the need to ring my wife and apologise.

    i noticed 2 things

    the bare patch on her chest isn't actually bare. it's just skin coloured material

    and there is a large lump under her left breast. cancer?

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