Face The Golems Of Amgarrak In The Next Dragon Age DLC

While fans wait for next year's Dragon Age II, BioWare continues to pump out the downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, uncovering the ancient secrets of the dwarves' magical constructs in Golems of Amgarrak.

Due out August 10, Golems of Amgarrak sends the player character and his party deep into the underground in search of a dwarven expedition that went missing while searching for the secrets behind golem creation. It's a high-level adventure that promises great challenges, great rewards and a new terrifying creature to stab, beat and spell to death.

At this rate, BioWare should have players adventuring right up to the release of Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age DLC Page [BioWare - thanks Legendary Armor!]


    I hope they do a game of the year edition or collect all the DL content to one disk.
    I can't afford all this stuff...

    I'll have to admit that on the basis of Mass Effect, I didn't really believe Bioware when they said they would be providing a great deal of DLC post-ME2 and DA:O release.
    It's nice to be proven wrong sometimes.

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