Fallout 3 Action Figure Emerges From The Vault

There still aren't any official Fallout figures. Shame. There are custom figures, though, like this one, which is pretty great.

Based on NECA's Hitman figure from a few years back, it's the creator's stab at recreating the (well, his) main character from Fallout 3. It's nowhere near beardy enough to be mine, but I can still enjoy someone in a blue jumpsuit, no matter how poor their face-mane is.

Oh, and in a nice touch, the Pip-Boy opens and closes!

Fallout 3 Lead Character Custom Action Figure [Figure Realm, via toycutter]


    Bethesda really seem to be missing a potential gold mine here. I for one would buy the shit out of some cool Fallout merchandise as long as it was good quality and reasonably priced (unlike the Amazon-exclusive Pipboy clock, which was neither).

    Action figures, statuettes, Vault 13 water (read: Scotch) flasks, sew-on BOS patches... And that's just off the top of my head.

      i for one agree with you my friend. it would be very awesome.

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