First Look At Darkspore, EA's New Sci-fi, Spore-based RPG

The creators of Spore are going to the dark side with an all-new "fast-paced and intense" sci-fi action-role-playing game known as Darkspore, coming to the Mac and PC next year.

In Darkspore, players must recruit creatures from across the galaxy to build an army of beasts, each with unique abilities "to wield as your living weapons". Deploy your galactic army against "infected planets" to battle the forces of Darkspore. Players can outfit their creatures with weapons and armour to augment their abilities, as well as customise that interstellar zoo with the Spore Creature Editor.

Darkspore promises an "epic sci-fi campaign" that can be played in single-player or cooperatively, with multiplayer competitive arena battles rounding out the list of reasons you'd want to play more Spore games.

The game is due to hit multiple platforms in the spring of next year, with downloadable add-ons already planned. Darkspore will get more attention at this week's San Diego Comic-Con, but for now, enjoy your first screens of the game.


    Well the screenshots look cool but would be nice to see the game in action and learn a bit more about it. Still maybe one to look out for.

    dosnt matter what they do spore will always suck

    The game doesn't sound like a good idea and the screenshots make it look really bad.

    Why am I thinking about space siege right now?

    Looks far more interesting than the original Spore, but that's not saying much. I'd like to know if the two will intersect in some way.

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