First Look At NBA Jam's Retro Superstars

Here's your first look at some of the new NBA Jam's old stars: Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman.

While we knew that retro stars like Johnson and rival Larry Bird were going to feature in the game, this is the first we've seen any of them in screenshots, and is the first we've seen or heard of Rodman's inclusion in the game.

Rodman? EA, you got your old Bulls wrong. I said I wanted Horace Grant, not Dennis Rodman!

Luckily, they more than make amends with some of the other legends making an appearance, with Hakeem Olajuwon, James Worthy, Kevin McHale, Detlef Schremph, Spud Webb, and the sadly recently-deceased Manute Bol joining Johnson, Bird and Rodman in the reboot of Midway's 1993 arcade classic.

Those wondering why there's no Horace Grant, or Dominique Wikins, or Muggsy Bogues or Clyde Drexler or Larry Johnson on that list, EA say there are over thirty legends in the game, so there's plenty more space on the roster for at least one of your old-time favourites to turn up.

These former greats will show up in boss battles, where they'll have special powers and abilities; Magic Johnson, for example, can teleport around the court.

'NBA Jam' gets a Magic remix [ESPN]


    hmmm... teleporting players?

    I want classic, coin-op gameplay!
    nothing more, nothing less...

    Not sold on this now!

      It's one mode in the game, and only the boss character can use it.

    As soon as this game went multi-console I lost interest.
    I'll be sticking with my O.G. N64 copy.


      time to dust off the megadrive and nba jam TE!

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