First War For Cybertron DLC Dated, Priced, Set To Music

Activision confirms the downloadable content details leaked earlier this month for Transformers: War for Cybertron, with five "new" characters and four new multiplayer maps coming in the first character and map pack, due out next week.

I put the word new in quotes, because of the five "new" characters, three were retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses. Jazz, Shockwave and Demolishor have been available to players through preorder codes since War for Cybertron's launch. Joining the preorder trio are Scattershot, the leader of the Technobots, and Onslaught, who heads up the Decepticons' Combaticon team.

New maps are always good, especially when two of them are for the game's progressive Escalation mode, where you and a team of friends take on waves of stronger and stronger enemies, spending points earned with kills to unlock new weapons and new areas of the map. The maps District and Forsaken give the Autobots and Decepticons new places to play Escalation, while Havok and Fortress freshen up the standard multiplayer.

The Transformers: War for Cybertron Map and Character Pack 1 will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 27, with a cost of 800 Microsoft points or $US9.99.


    Holy crap that music was epic!!!! hahaha

    i'll be picking this up for sure :P

    love the game so much but never played in online so wont be getting this not a mp guy one of the last of a dying breed

    Buying first day more people need to pick up this title it is a amazing game

    what song is it? i must have it upon my ipod...

      its the music from the end credits of the game. its the same as the original cartoon song just redone. its even by the original artists as the cartoon theme apparently

        Actually, it is *not* the original cartoon song. It was created specifically by Stan Bush for War for Cybertron. Similar song, same artist, but not the same song.

    I reckon that how do they Scattershot, the leader of the Technobots is wrong because in original G1 version he never transform into a tank but only transforms into Jet and i have this link to prove it

    If i am wrong that just let me know and i also reckon that this scattershot in this clip is exactly like from the cybertron cartoon series. If they Scattorshot as it is but i wish that they should recolour him as the G1 version not as the one in the cilp

    Also i would say to all that this Game is SO AWESOME and would recommend to all and any Transformers Fan to buy it and play it

      Hey TransformersFreak, Scattershot's most recent form/s was an armoured vehicle and he got a new form in that of a Large armoured Missile launcher in Transformers Cybertron, which was part of the recent cartoon series before Transformers Animated. He was also used in the Revenge of the Fallen Line as an armed pickup truck. But personally I hate the Bay formers.

      I'm guessing they used that version which is on the bottom of that Wiki-page you linked. It also said he transformed into a gun emplacement. shows all 3 modes.

    I also noticed after watching five or more times of this clip that Scattorshot is killing his own forces and did anyone realise this or is it just me?

    great DLC and support for a great game, but i too dont play MP, so ill be giving it a miss.

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