Flaming Basketball Gets The Cover Of NBA Jam

En Fuego the Flaming Basketball, widely considered the greatest performer in the history of combustible sporting goods, was revealed today as the cover pitchman for EA Sports' upcoming NBA Jam for the Wii. An in-game appearance is also confirmed.

"En Fuego is proud to be associated with the mystique of NBA Jam going back nearly two decades," said his agent, Arson McBriefcase. "We believe this partnership benefits both En Fuego and EA Sports, the worldwide leader in incinerating gym equipment."

For his part, the seven-time world champion and all-time leader in both burned hands and singed nets dedicated the honour to his mother, who recently deflated.

"You know, I just want to thank my mum and all she did," En Fuego said at a news conference. "It wasn't easy for her, as a single, working volleyball trying to raise a golf club and a bat and me."


    Hold up, I'm working on a pun about his Mother having balls. I'll get back to you on that. Also, glad to see they're cranking up the nostalgia metre to 11 on this one, or so it would appear.

    now THAT'S the box art i was hoping for - nice

    I wonder if this game is going to have cheats to unlock mascots as playable characters? like the old version had.

      they have to - there is no way it wouldn't !

      Oh ho. Just wait for that to be paid DLC!

    360 or PS3 please

    Didn't this start out as a wii ware download?? I was interested, but now they might be jacking up the price..

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