Four Fantastic PlayStation Move Tech Demos, With A Street Fighter Twist

I don't know how amazing the games of PlayStation Move, September's Wii-like PlayStation 3 motion controller, are going to be. But the tech demos continue to be terrific. Here are four of the newest.

All videos were shot by my in New York earlier this week. Demonstrating the Move demos is PlayStation researcher Anton Mikhailov. None of these demos is necessarily going to be released to the public, but each shows the potential of the precise Move controller.

Real-Time Strategy Demo (Think StarCraft)

Dummy Demo (Think Star Wars)

Chameleon Demo (Think, uh, Chameleon?)

Fire Demo (Think Street Fighter... "Hadouken!")

The PlayStation Move launches this spring (prices vary depending on how much gear you need for the controller/camera set-up). For other amazing tech demos, check out what Mikhailov and Sony's Richard Marks showed Kotaku recently.


    Apparently is't a "Haruuuukenn" in that video.. LOL

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