L’imp Français Apporte Enfer En La Terre

DOOM mosaic art as seen on the streets of Paris. Close-up after the jump.


    Some Tracey Lien love?

    Hey, who you calling limp?! *hmph*

    In other news - neat!

    I'd probably crap myself if i walked around a corner and saw that :P

      No need to crap yourself just strafe left or right to avoid the fireball and produce a double shotty to the face. Standard procedure

        Yeah, that's why i always got beat up at school - i'd always forget to strafe when the bullies started throwing punches!
        ... that and instead of producing the shotgun i'd always try to activate god mode but forget i had yet to activate the console...

        ahhh.. such is life...

          I don't remember Doom having a console to activate though ...

    What's above the Imp? (space invader imp?)

    Nice French, bro.

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