From The Top Of The Ladder, Painfully

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 will add a new move-set, Kotaku learned yesterday. Finishers from the top of the ladder, 10-15 of them.

Publisher THQ was keeping a lot of details about the fall wrestling game quiet, holding off on big announcements until next month's Summerslam WWE pay-per-view and surrounding hype event. We can tell you some general things, like the game has improved character models and supposedly will have many more options in the create-a-finisher and create-a-storyline modes. Specifics, however, are secret 'til Summerslam.

Except for the ladder finishers, that is... and the fact that tables, latter and chairs are going to break different ways each time.

Codebreaker from the top of the ladder?



    I've already pre-ordered my copy :D

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