Fruit Ninja Sells Loads, Comes To iPad

Fruit Ninja, the fruit slicing sim from Brisbane's Halfbrick, has now sold over a million copies on iPhone and iPod Touch. To celebrate, Halfbrick has announced Fruit Ninja HD for iPad.

The iPad version, seen in the clip above, sports a simultaneous, split-screen multiplayer mode. Also, as cunningly hinted at by the revised title, high-definition graphics.

It also continues the Halfbrick tradition of amusing trailers.

Fruit Ninja was released on April 21. It passed the million sales mark after 74 days on sale.

According to Halfbrick, within two days Fruit Ninja was in the top ten paid apps in Australia. It subsequently reached the number one top paid app of any kind in seven countries, and has been in the top ten USA paid apps for 60 out of the 74 days since release.

Metal Gear's Raiden is allegedly an avid fan of the game.


    that is awesome, good on them.

    QUT graduates so my lecturer tells me

    I'm still not sure how I feel about developers charging users twice for iPhone and iPad versions of their games. Some developers are creating "plus" apps that will work natively on both, which makes it a bit harder to swallow when others tell you, "Sorry, you have to buy the game again." With the iPhone 4 sporting a resolution much closer to the iPad, even the excuse of "but we had to make shinier graphics" holds little sway.

    At least in this case they're adding a feature, I guess.

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