Gantz, The Movie, The Trailer

Japanese manga Gantz is being made into a movie. Here is the trailer. You can watch it!

The original manga debuted in 2000 and follows a pair of high school students, a mystery black sphere and bionic body suits. Gantz was spun off into a successful anime series and into a 2005 third-person shooter video game from Konami.

The Gantz movie stars Nintendo spokesperson and Letters from Iwo Jima star Kazunari Ninomiya. Check out the trailer below.


    sweet looks alright the anime and the manga were both really good so hopefully so is the movie.

    This has potential, as long as it remembers to bypass the painfuly slow pace that plagued the anime.

      well to be fair the issue the anime had much like a lot of anime based off manga over there is that it catches up to the manga and they have no where to go after that

        yeah true and they made up for it by throwing in totally different and rather well done final act I wouldn't mind if they use it for the movie, I just really hope the ending is a little more coherent.

    Does look awesome, though I wonder how they will manage all the horrendous violence seen in the anime. Is one of the only animes that I have ever had trouble watching due to violence.

      Agreed. I'm mildly worried about it.
      If they get it wrong the movie will look horrible, but if they get it *right*... then it will be horrific.

      score sounds like my cup of tea... where can i find this series?

    I wish they would make more anime...

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