Gears Of War 2, Now With Octuple The XP

Still not sure what to play this weekend? Epic might make it easier on you, making Gears of War 2 multiplayer into an experience orgy this weekend. Yep, eight times the normal XP until Tuesday, July 6.


    time to make the most of my live 1 month trial....

    If the 6x XP over E3 was a cry to "Please play our game" this is them standing on the rooftop "Play it or we will jump."
    Needless to say I'd have played it even if it was normal Xp.

    But Transformers WFC has double XP this weekend...

    The 8x XP was almost enough to get me into Gears 2 but I'm afraid War for Cybertron still comes out on top. The new patch, the double XP and the general sweetness of the multiplayer are too good to pass up.

    They probably just feel guilty about all those (self included) who got thrown back to level 1 in the glitch in the most recent update.

    Not that I am complaining.

    Off to Horde mode!

    I would play but I don't have the mappacks. The game died in the arse anyway. Was a big fan of Gears 1 with many hours spent on MP, this one was stuffed from the get go. Would like to get back into it but im not spending money on mappacks and then HOPING the matchmaking was fixed for australian players.

    Can't play social without all the map packs which sucks. Multiplayer is fun but there are hardly any people on. Also Horde would be a lot funner if instead of 9 waves of Tickers and 1 wave of Boomers each wave gave different types of Locust, each being stronger then the last. So it would be wave 1: Tickers, wave 2: Grunts, wave 5: Boomers, wave 7: Beserkers, wave 10: those giant things that you ride one of in the last level. Or rather then the waves only having one type of enemys they could mix it up with each wave being full with all types of Locust. Also a way for people to join a game in progress because it sucks when 3 people leave and it takes you and the other guy 5 minutes per wave and you get owned in the Boomer wave.

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