Gears Of War Designer Walks Us Through Bulletstorm

Confused by the over-the-top combat of frantic gameplay of Bulletstorm? Let the dulcet tones of Epic Games' design director Cliff Bleszinski guide you through the game in terms you can understand, like "radial blur" and "gang bang".

This director's commentary walkthrough video is full of wonderful Cliffy B. quotables, like "toy with your enemies like...a fat kid plays with his cake", but the best line has to be his summary of what Bulletstorm is all about.

"Do cool stuff, get cool stuff, and do even more cool stuff; that's the core of what Bulletstorm's all about."

I'd buy that for a dollar.


    AI looks terrible.
    Don't know if this will warrant a first day purchase, I don't see the multiplayer which i presume is available, will be that awesome.

    It does look like a bit of fun - but nothing spectacular to when Gears came out or anything. The characters just look like a copy of Gears characters. Epic should invest in some game designers to create better characters. Seems a bit of metal armour and huge muscles is all they can do.

    I hope though they do hold their promise of mixing it up cause if it's all like this, then it's gonna get real repetitive.
    I'm just more excited for other games being released around Bulletstorm's release date.

    Dont know about this one, seems too dumb....

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