Gears Of War Movie "More Like District 9"

Gears Of War Movie "More Like District 9"

Third-person shooter Gears of War looked set to get the Hollywood treatment until the movie’s director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) decided to focus his attention on another motion picture.

Wiseman’s take on Gears of War was budgeted in the US$100 million neighbourhood. As website Cinema Blend points out, the movie’s R-rating and lack of a love story made it a hard sell.

At this year’s Comic Con, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski said the goal is to make the Gears movie “more like District 9”. That doesn’t mean Bleszinski wants Gears of District 9, but rather, he most likely is referring to a smaller budgeted, effect-heavy film. According to Bleszinski, the script that Wiseman was working from was more akin to the big budget disaster film 2012.

Lots of money doesn’t make a good movie. A good script, good actors and a good director do. District 9 proved that. Maybe the Gears of War movie can, too.

Comic Con: Gears Of War Movie Stalled And They’re Starting Over [Cinema Blend via MTV Multiplayer][Pic]


  • Does anyone else think that a big-budget blockbuster Halo movie might have caused the Earth to rotate backwards from the amount of suction it would have created?

    District 9 was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I’m SO grateful it got made, rather than a Halo blockbuster.

    • I’m grateful it got made too, but the guys at 343 Industries are being careful that they have all the elements (story, director, etc) to make a Halo movie that doesn’t suck.

      • theres no way its not gonna suck

        there either gonna sway it for mass appeal and piss off the fans or there gonna sway it to the fans and piss off the critics

        the thing is as a movie star the chief is a terrible charactar he doesnt say all that much, and in reality he doesnt actually do anything all that snazy

        he shoots stuff

        i would think that to do a halo movie it would have to be a first contact kind of thing

    • Maybe 10 years ago, but these days you can have a 40 – 50 million dollar effects driven film that actually looks good. The technology to make CGI look good in movies has gone down a lot over the past decade. What was once a 70 million dollar CG budget is now a 20 – 30 million dollar budget.

      I think this movie – and a Halo movie – could not only work, but be a really good thing. Don’t let the stink of past video game movies fool you. With the right directors/scriptwriter and actors any video game movie can be a critical and commercial success.

    • As Andrew said, the cost of CGI has come down considerably over the last few years, but I think another key point to this is the casting of unknowns and where its filmed.

      District 9 was made for something like 35 million dollars (remarkable considering the quantity and quality of its effects), but where it really saved money was the fact that it didn’t have to pay a major star millions of dollars, and it was much cheaper to film in South Africa then it would have been in the States – not only for the conversion rate of US Dollars to South African Rand, but in regards to the cost of extras, set building, catering etc.

      Gears of War could certainly emulate this success, but first it needs a quality director (which Len Wiseman isn’t) and a story to match.

  • District 9 was great, I really doubt Gears of War could ever be anything like it. I mean it had a pretty think storyline, it was basically a premise and that’s about it. Still, if you had the same talented people as District 9 maybe they could make something good out of it, maybe.

    As for Halo I think there is potential for a good movie there. The biggest problem I heared talked about was that the MC was a poor character for film, being a faceless character that you are supposed to imagine yourself as while playing.

    However I think a movie that does not star the MC as the main character could have been great. Make it about some marines in the Covenant War, maybe even some ODSTs. Capture that feeling that the ODST live action ads had. Use the MC the same way he was talked about in the old Halo 3 live action ads, where he was spoken of as someone that supported the marines. Wherever the line faltered he shored it up. In that way you could easily write a script that did the MC justice without having to make up a detailed personality for him that might go against the concept in the games.

    • The ODST Live Action commercial should’ve been feature length…it was amazing.

      Better than the game really, and showed the Halo Universe has the potential for generating real and gritty stories that are worthwhile making.

      • Agreed. -Why not make a movie based on an individual if not a group of ODST’s. Rather then naming the movie Halo name it.. well ODST!

  • Oh boy…
    I hope Ewe Boll gets some input.
    He’s had a lota experience with this genre, I’m sure he could be of some use.
    I mean, how good was Farcry?

  • I would believe a major problem with a Halo film is MS would want a large budget but production companies a smaller one.
    It deserves a blockbuster budget and I think like a lot of articles have suggested, Reach’s performance could definitely lead to someone saying ‘Okay this is going to work.’ and I hope it does.

    But judging on previous video game film adaptions, It makes sense for production companies to not wanna put too much money into a project they will be gambling on. I would expect a Halo film to do great – but hey, Prince of Persia hasn’t even grossed $90 million in the US. It has made back its budget, but stills pretty poor!

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