Get A 3DS Preview With Old Nintendo Games In 3D

If you have a pair of 3D glasses in the house, go get 'em, then settle in and see what it'll look like when Nintendo starts to raid its back catalogue and re-release old classics on the 3DS.

This is Mario Kart and Majora's Mask in 3D. Well, it will be when you click on the vids and actually watch them on YouTube; for some reason, the 3D effect can only be triggered on their site, and watching it here will just show two clips running side by side.

Those without glasses, you can get a similar - if painful - effect by watching the videos here, then going cross-eyed. It works! But it hurts.

[via Go Nintendo]


    Jebus! My eyes! ahhh!!!

      I did not think crossing my eyes would like (like with the Magic Eye) but to my shock, it did!

      Granted that the image I saw was only the size of a playing card or smaller but the effect was there.

    Using stereoscopic glasses I can't really see the 3D, it does show a bit, not much.

    Ahhh... brings back the memories <3

    What the heck can I use these glasses I got at the cinema when seeing Avatar for? They aren't coloured but somehow let me see slight 3D in that movie... but none of the 3D modes youtube has :(

      Think i figured it out... it's because it works best on a 'silver screen': that's if they are those ones..

      The glasses are polarised so that while two images are shown at once on the screen, each lends only allows one image through.

      Untill you find another polarised 3D source, they will not work.

    3DS is suppose to be a glasses free 3D game machine, unless you can show me a glasses free 3D video, I'm not convinced.

      Heys, it works differently to the cinema. The 3DS will work by having essentially two screens in one. Do you remember Tazo's or playing cards or anything as a kid that changed as you turned it? same principle. when viewed from one angle, you can see one image, and from another angle (the other eye) you can see a separate image.

      I think it's the same thing used in the 2010 range rover, they have an on-board computer that can show a GPS path to the driver's seat, and a DVD to the passenger. It on Engadget:
      I looked for a clip on YouTube from when it was on Top Gear, but all had been removed :(

    "watching it here will just show two clips running side by side" <-- No, watching it here will show two slightly different clips running side by side that will appear 3D if you go cross-eyed and overlap the images perfectly - no glasses required.

    Its quite difficult to keep up (especially during scene changes). But damn... some of those scenes look fantastic!

      I think he was trying to say that embedding the videos doesn't allow for using the 3D options offered by YouTube. Note how the 3D menu bar isn't present in the ones embedded above.

    Wow. I've never done cross-eyed 3D before, and to my surprise this worked!

    Now let's see the Kid Icarus Uprising Trailer in 3D

      Haha yeah was a new if headache inspiring experience for me too. Worked better cross eyed than with a pair of red blue glasses.

    Hehehehe guess who knows how to do this?

    Guess who's actually playing Banjo Kazooie in 3D at this moment.

    Nobody in particular....

    Google is your best friend.

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