Get DeathSpanked With Our Latest, Lisa Foiles-iest Podcast

This week's very very special episode of our weekly Kotaku Talk Radio podcast is here! Actually, it's there, on servers across the internet, waiting for your download. This week, our hosts Stephen Totilo and Brian Crecente talk about video games.

The video games being discussed include titles like the recently released DeathSpank and LEGO Harry Potter. The people discussing them includes Kotaku columnist Lisa Foiles, the pitcher of a Secret of Monkey Island movie and the owner of Gears of War earrings. The next big thing our co-hosts discuss is the impending San Diego Comic-Con. So much to talk about!

More surprises await you in this week's hyper turbo special episode of our call-in podcast, so warm up your tubes and get to downloadin' if you missed it live.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who called in for this week's show.

Hosts: Stephen Totilo, Brian Crecente Guest: Lisa Foiles Ranter: Owen Good

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    Get Deathspanked? Am I reading this wrong =x

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