Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s ‘Alpha’ Is Stunning, Even In Stills

Ubisoft has tapped Oscar-winning filmmakers Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy to create a 20 minute film to promote Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Half of the directing team was at Comic-Con today with a taste of that gorgeous looking project.

Dubbed "Alpha," the promotional movie will offer a live action look at the ghosts of the next Tom Clancy inspired game, a prequel story to next year's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Alaux cautioned that the snippet, less than a minute in length but stuffed with intense gunplay and breathtaking action, was a work in progress, lacking in post-production tweaks and special effects. Still, it was a sharp-looking little action film, palpably violent and gorgeously shot. Alpha was one half quiet, tension-building set up, the other half a loud volley of bullets and lightning fast action.

While the short preview was lacking in much of the near-future technology, like battlefield drones and cloaking devices, the final version of the film will contain the same type of emerging technology featured in 2011's Ghost Recon game.

Alpha will also have a few hooks into the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier game, but their stories will remain largely independent. Ubisoft studio producer Adrian Lacey said that Alaux and de Crecy were given the freedom to create something unique for Alpha.

That creation was bloody, slick and stylized. Alaux said he was inspired to work on the Ghost Recon short due to his fondness for the Tom Clancy films of the early 1990s, citing the work of director John McTiernan, who directed The Hunt For Red October.

Ubisoft's Lacey said the company is still discussing its plans for the best way to distribute Alpha. Until the company figures that out, here are a few off-screen stills from the film.


    I've been very pleased with this game so far. The graphics look amazing and was very much amazed with the cinematic trailer a few months back.
    I can't wait for this, this game may be gearing up to be an instant purchase for me. I hope it works compared to previous Ghost Recon games.

    Can Ubi seriously get to work on a new Rainbow Six game though... I kinda want a Vegas 3 again, I loved the environment. But I do believe the next will be another re-vamp with a new setting and characters. Ubi may cop a lot of crap from gamers (especially PC gamers) but they do bring out a lot of great games. They deserve a lot more credit and MONEY compared to Activision and even EA (who I can't help but love). I probably like more franchises from Ubi than any other publisher. THQ and Take Two aswell deserve a lot more than what they receive.

      I'm with you on that one. I'd love to see some tweaks/upgrades done to Vegas for a Vegas 3.

      And Ubisoft certainly do cop a lot of flak from people. I find that they generally release good A-grade titles that I happily lap up. Sure, I moved from PC gaming to console gaming (in the case of Ubisoft) but it's all good. That's why god invented HDMI switches.

      Cool story, bro.

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