Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Has Nothing To Do With Cars

Yeah, that's right. For once, the cars take a back seat in a Gran Turismo 5 trailer, the focus here on the little touches that go on inside and outside the game's vehicles.

Dust, dusk, lights, glow, debris...these are the visual effects of Gran Turismo 5, and if you've got a big-screen, HD TV, then this game looks like it's about to make the most of it.

The long, long wait for the game may be ruinous for fans of the series, but when you see the attention to detail going on here, it...well, if not excuses Polyphony Digital, at least lets you know why it's taking so long.


    At 0:20, wheres the detail on the underside of the car?

    Come on Polyphony ... 5 years and no detail under the car!?!?!

    I'm dissappointed

      That is a bit of a let down, actually. There wasn't even an attempt to add some sort of detail, it was simply solid black.

      IIRC most of the modern racing cars nowadays DOES have that flat surface, unlike your ordinary car you drive everyday.

      Yeah what Bryan said, its probably got a flat bottom to remove wind resistance :) Hopefully anyway.

    On all normal cars of course they will have underbody detail.. Those circuit cars all have that "solid black" diffuser in order to minimize wind resistance under the car .. goto a SuperGT event in japan and you will see the exact same thing.

      Right. Thanks for clearing that up.

    The games release coincides with the release of the PS7 !

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