Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, Act One

Activision's compiled a nifty clip showing off some previous revealed music from the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, so let's let the bodies hit the floor, get our money for nothing and pour some sugar on this rock montage.

It's official: I am no longer excited by videos for the band games. It used to be I would hear about new music coming to Guitar Hero or Rock Band and I would get a bit giddy, ready to download or purchase whatever it was that would put me in control of said music using plastic instruments.

Now clips like these just make me want to add old songs to my MP3 player.

Is the magic gone completely?


    It's a montage, montage.

    There are some songs that I'd like to play, but not paying full price for the game. I still think they could just release these as DLC for the previous games, I mean, how much of it has changed?

    Most of that looked really, really dull, but goddamn, Bohemian Rhapsody looks awesome.

    This is doing a poor job of convincing me to buy it.

    I think they remembered these games are about rocking out not whatever songs are currently popular.
    I skipped GH5 but this one looks much more enticing.

    I'm all about Rock Band 3. Bohemian Rhapsody with 3 part vocals and keyboard will be win. Plus I plan on getting the Squire controller so I can play som actual guitar :)

      Yeah, too bad it wont be released down here for another five years.

        I do believe it's going to be a world wide release.

    Something about this game just looks off.

    I think it's the way the characters move- things still look like gh1. They just rock back and forth, and don't really seem to "rock out".

    Also, none of the singing characters convince me they are singing what it shows them singing.

    I know where my music game money will be going this year, even if it doesn't get released here again...

    normally i wouldn't care about this... but YEH!!!


      oh and dude!! Love gun by kiss!! hell yeh!

      ....give me the Rammstein part NOW though...

    On the contrary to the article, this has made me more excited about the game. Considering how bland and boring the last few games are (with the exception of GH:Metallica), it's great that they're going back to a more GH1, 2, and 3-esqe playlist.

      Agreed, even if you're not a fan of the groups, they've got some great rock-out songs there, compared to the last couple of games that have frankly been "god is the song over yet?" boring.

    Big 'meh'. Exciting for teenagers around the world I'm sure. Trent Reznor looks to have put on a little more weight than usual. And makeup for that matter.

    never seen a set list this good since GH3, and im actually considering buying, with a new guitar again for the ps3 (lol so far 3 guitars (2 wii one ps3) and 2 drums sets)

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