Halo: Reach Also Gets A Wireless Headset

Along with controllers and consoles, Microsoft today also quietly revealed a Halo: Reach-branded wireless headset for the Xbox 360.

Selling for USD$50, the headset will be available a little ahead of the game's launch in September, hitting stores worldwide in late August.

Demand for these may not be as high for the shiny console, since these headsets are sold individually, but if you're an obsessive compulsive who needs everything to match, then knock yourself out.


    Non of these Halo Reach items they have revealed look very Haloey to me. I might grab this headset though because my current xbox 360 headset isn't wireless.

    Does THIS headset some with the console or is a wired headset painted silver?

    If its THIS one, DEFINITELY getting the console.
    I really want it, but I don't really feel its worth the price. Perhaps if its was like 320GB or something.

    I really want it though considering the Halo noises turning it on.

      Do you not understand what "sold separately" means?

        Mmm, no I do.

        Just not "sold individually".

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