Halo: Reach Bundle Leaks

Microsoft's online store today briefly listed a Halo: Reach Xbox 360 bundle for $US399, pairing the console with a special edition silver-coloured controller whose existence also slipped out.

The site haloreachtips.net managed to screengrab the listing (above) before it was yanked back. Though it's not specifically mentioned, one would probably think a copy of the game is included in the console bundle.

It's expected that Microsoft will soon make some formal announcement, tied to Comic-Con, on this bundle. We'll update when it does.

Comic-Con Exclusive: Halo: Reach Themed 360 Bundle [haloreachtips.net]


    I dont like buying consoles based around particular games so I dont want the halo reach console but the controller I would like, I have the ODST one and sure its no difference but it stands out and i like that

    Is that pricing accurate? O_o How do they justify an extra US$200 for a coat of paint and one game?

      The one above the halo reach console is the 4GB console at US$199 not the normal 250GB which retails i think at round US$299 or US$399 so if the halo reach console is 250GB which all special edition game related consoles are(well recently) then i would say its a good price for any halo fan

        Looks better than most of the other "limited edition" consoles for the 360 - and would probably fit a lot better in most people's set up. Still running my Camo-version Halo3 console, just sticks out like a sore thumb against everything else...

    Here's the pic without some internet site posted over the top of it. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs044.snc4/34585_1538002376596_1430986846_31410865_6906245_n.jpg

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