Halo Reach Comic Exploring Some Of Novel's 'Off-Screen' Moments

The Halo Fall of Reach novel set up the fiction for this September's Halo Reach game. The writer of the new Halo Reach comic teased some new insights into the making of a Master Chief.

Here is Halo Fall of Reach: Boot Camp writer Brian Reed talking to Newsarama about the first issue of the Marvel Comics series:

In the first issue I was really looking forward to showing the abduction of the kids who are conscripted into the SPARTAN program. In the novel that happens "off screen" and we're only exposed to the after-effects of it.

Reed is tightlipped abut how his comic will tie into the Bungie-developed game, but bigger Halo fans should give the interview a look. You might spot something I missed.

Master Chief Goes Back to Boot Camp in Halo: Fall of Reach [Newsarama]


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