Halo: Reach Spawns An Intimate Spartan Moment

No woman can resist the musky allure of Spartan armour. Spied at the filming of a commercial that's (probably) being filmed for Xbox 360 shooter Halo: Reach, as snapped by On Set LA. Thanks, Laird!


    If I could ever get my hands on a set of armor as sexy as that...god...I don't know what I'd do.
    ...probably go down to the local coffee shop dressed in it.

    Spartan: stop breathing on my armor.

    Do want.

    i thought of a fatal flaw with this armour.

    when you put it on it would be so awesome that i'd jizz in my pants, requiring me to take the armour off, which would create a vicious circle

    Ermm.. If I remember correctly from the trailer, isn't that the female spartan of the noble team?
    o___O; awkward..

    dont worry spartan! Bungie has given u option of 4 different abilities to escape situations just like this. -I hope u didnt pick armour-lock

    Its kats armor

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