Happy Tenth Birthday, Double Fine

Scott Campbell, art director at Brutal Legend and Psychonauts developers Double Fine, has marked the studio's tenth birthday with this rad cartoon.

It manages to work unused concept art, classic Double Fine characters and Eddie Riggs all into the same strip, giving us a history lesson and putting a smile on our faces all at the same time.

If you've never read Campbell's "Double Fine Action Comics" before, you really should. They're on, wait for it, Double Fine's site.

[via Super Punch]


    Thanks for the fun you've given over the years, Double Fine. Loved both Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Although I did love Psychonauts a bit more. It's hard not to play favouritism when the game makes you a giant amongst lung fish.

      The orphanage. For puppies. He destroyed the puppy orphanage. Why Goggalor why

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