Hayao Miyazaki Compares iPad Use To Masturbation

Hayao Miyazaki Compares iPad Use To Masturbation

Hayao Miyazaki is the greatest animator alive. And he does not like the iPad.

Noted for Studio Ghibli classics like My Neighbor Totoro, Miyazaki has stated that he rarely watches TV, does not own a computer or a fax and doesn’t even own a DVD player. Instead of email, he writes letters. He also makes wonderful films.

In an interview in the July issue of “Neppuu”, the Studio Ghibli published pamphlet, the famed animator does not pull any punches when discussing the iPad, or what he calls the “game machine-like thing” that people are “stroking with strange gestures”.

“For me, there is no feeling of admiration or no excitement whatsoever,” Miyazaki said about the iPad. “It’s disgusting. On trains, the number of those people doing that strange masturbation-like gesture is multiplying.”

Miyazaki also noted that he also got “fed up” when everyone on the trains started reading manga and then later when everyone began using mobile phones on the trains to presumably send text messages.

He might seem like an eccentric technophobe, but he is coming from an “All I need are pencil and paper” point-of-view. That might all he need. He’s Hayao Miyazaki! And with those simple tools, he can create brilliance. But not everyone is talented as Miyazaki.

Studio Ghibli, his animation company, is currently working on a Nintendo DS and PS3 game called “Ni no Kuni”.

宮崎駿監督iPadについて「ぼくには、鉛筆と紙があればいい」と語る [IT Media]


  • Pen and pencil huh? Thats an interesting view from a man whose movies are composited entirely on computers to achieve that ‘simple’ 2D look. Not that I’m complaining as it makes for some incredible bluray transfers!

    • Visit the Ghibli museum, you’ll see how your “his movies are composited entirely on computers” statement is false. The “all i need is a pen…” statement isn’t a quote of his but a sumation of what BA thinks his viewpoint is. He’s not anti computers, I think he’s anti techno-social encroachment.

      Hey look i made a new phrase.

  • Good point MrBS. But there probably needs to be ‘eccentric’ artists at the core of projects in whatever medium it is, as to provide the intensity of focus required for the genuine art that Ghibli is known for.

  • how the hell are you gonna make a DS or PS3 game with just pen and paper? what a luddite.

    i really dont see the point in just hating on new things (technology or otherwise), real artists embrace new mediums and explore their possibilities and limitations, creating new forms of expression, not whinge about them.

    • You might have had a valid point if we weren’t talking about Hayao Miyazaki here. But who are you (or any of us) to disagree with him? Nobody, that’s who 😛

  • I wouldn’t say he’s a Luddite, he got fed up when everyone on the train started reading Manga too. That’s pretty technologically simple.

    It sounds more like he’s just a grumpy old man that hates things that other people enjoy.

  • I’m inclined to listen to him only beacuse he’s dissing the ipad. It’s not exactly a valid reason for hating the ipad but in a world where people are mindlessly buying this thing, I’ll take any criticism I can get my hands on.

    • Agreed.

      I don’t hate the iPad (or even the iPhone,) but I DO hate how everyone mindlessly eats anything apple drops onto the table as long as it has an “i” in front of it’s -incredibly creative- name.

      More so, I hate it when everyone tells me I should also buy these overpriced devices when I don’t need them.

  • Wow, all the people who are throwing about words like ‘luddite’ and ‘technophobe’ just don’t get it.

    I, for one, have always owned PC’s (that I have built and constantly upgraded with new technology); own a PS3 and an XBOX360 that is played on an LCD TV; own a GPS because I am too damn lazy and pathetic to read a friggen map…and I am generally open and interested in most new forms of technology, especially when they make life easier…

    But this business where MOST people are walking around fiddling with a mobile phone MOST of the time, especially when I am at the cinema and the whole way through the movie you can see people either checking their phone or taking a call and trying (but failing) to be quiet about it…FFS! It is no more than a few hours of your life that you have to dedicate to keeping still and remaining focused, and you can’t even do that!

    When did it become so important to keep in constant contact with people? I HATE phones and usually don’t answer the one at home, let alone have a phone on me all ALL TIMES to know what everyone is doing at ALL TIMES. I worked in a call centre, so when I hear a phone ringing I instinctively want to smash it to pieces.

    IMO, people have become WAY too reliant on phones. The whole ‘i-this’ and ‘i-that’ have only made the situation worse. It’s like a status symbol, and I would be quick to compare it to little princesses with their designer labels and pathetic little handbags.

    They could prove tomorrow that long term use of mobile phones is directly related to brain tumours, and most people would still use them; just like everybody knows that cigarettes kill but you still see teenagers everywhere with them hanging out of their mouths.

    P.S. One day, when you are old, and no one cares about you and you get sick a lot of the time…maybe then you will understand why so many of them are grumpy. Or didn’t you get this far because your phone rang, or you had to check facebook or twitter, or some damn stupid thing?

    • ww2_V2 I’d like to see you write a letter to the emergency services when you get hit by a car and dont have your phone on you. Technonlgy is something that is made to make life easier to many people get obsessed with being the first to have anything and everything and i think there should be a happy medium with tradition art and new technonlogy inhanced styles. if people are gullable enough to hink that because its new it is better then they should keep buying apples shitty products

      • @Poo_Face…

        Please, man…don’t give me the lame argument of: “if you needed someone in an emergency” crap. I never made a point of saying that phones should be banned or anything ridiculous like that. The point that I was making is that people use their phones way too much (i.e. at the point of repeating myself: people looking at their phones constantly while watching a movie at the cinema).

        If there was a debate about obesity then your argument would sound (in analogy to the phones) something like: “Oh, then I would like to see what you would do when you are starving and have no food.”

        (so where is the middle point? It’s either use your phone all day, every day…or don’t use one ever?)

        If you can’t see that there is a ridiculous amount of OVER USAGE of mobile phones then my guess would be that you are probably one of these people who have a panic attack when you realize that you have left home without your mobile.

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