Heat Wave

Time to slough off that awkward "Kotaku Off Topic" headline prefix, don't you think? It's too hot for that. But this is where we talk about anything and everything, from movies to video games to giant double rainbows.

From what I hear out of Gawker HQ in New York City, it's pretty hot out there. Not here at the Kotaku West tower, where it's been a cool 15C for much of the day. But I'll get my fill of heat later this week, when I travel to EVO in Las Vegas for some of the best fighting game competitions the world has to offer. I've already invested in some new board shorts (pictured) and will be transforming jeans into jorts to combat the 37C temps.

Can we come up with a better name for Kotaku Off Topic tonight? Your suggestions are welcome.


    Yeah it sure is hot here...

    oh wait.

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