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It's been known for some time that Starcraft 2 servers will separate regions, limiting Aussies to opponents from Southeast Asia. But it's uncertain whether this is hindrance or help - which is why they need your internet data.

Gamespot AU recently quoted a thread on Blizzard forums claiming that the Asian servers, which would limit Aussies to opponents from New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, would hinder the performance of a game in which speed is vital.

Their reasoning was based on the deals that some Aussie ISPs have with those in the US, and the giant pipe that we have going to their west coast. Supposedly, some local players would require a hop to the US before heading back to Southeast Asia. With some beta players lamenting lag and some worry free, Blizzard have suggested your ISP might be a factor:

We appreciate everyone taking the time to provide us with their current network paths. Many of the results are showing good pathways and nice pings, as expected. But we're actively working with regional ISP’s to address connections that are not currently optimized. We need to have as much data as possible, so if you live in Oceania and haven't already, please perform a traceroute and post your results.

Blizzard have asked anyone interested to submit their internet data so they can gauge the connection speeds. You can find info about how here, and the server is the Southeast Asia Test IP address:

And while you're at it, forum member Maged asks you test the US IP address of for comparison.

Latency isn't the only problem that comes with region locking - we'll cover many of them next week - but among them is the obvious language barrier between Oceania's different nations, and the inability to play with friends in the US or Europe.

The discontent goes both ways, however, with some US punters claiming they don't want Aussie hangers-on lagging their service.

But before you go buying multiple copies of the game to play with your intercontinental cousins, Blizzard hasn't shut out the possibility of cross-server play: we stated regarding cross region support, it’s something we’re working to implement after the launch of the game and it will allow you to connect to other regions should you choose to do so...

We here at Kotaku haven't had any problems regarding latency, and the Blizzard quote suggests it might mainly be a regional issue. But given the drawbacks of being locked into Oceania, shouldn't we be given a choice?


    Oh no those poor americans getting their collosal speeds hindered slightly by aussies, oh the pain THE PAIN OF IT ALL.

      To be fair, their 'colossal speeds' have nothing to do with the latency introduced when playing with people from the other side of the world.


    Being an Australian who held #1 on several US West ladders on WC3 this is well, laughable. Kalimdor was COMPLETELY unplayable. Was really lookin forward to SCII but if this is the case, you aren't getting my money Blizzard.

      You are a terrible liar.

    Was really excited about this game, but it feels like its been ages since announcment and now I'm so over it. Just seems to be too many strongs attached for me to be bothered. Hey, I know millions will love it, but I'm over it before it starts.

    "The discontent goes both ways, however, with some US punters claiming they don’t want Aussie hangers-on lagging their service."

    This is rubbish. Australians had no problems playing during the SC2 BETA. The only issues arose after Patch 13 when UDP implementation was rolled out, and that broke the game for plenty of countries besides Australia.

    To be honest, latency cares little to me. Years of playing multiplayer games has taught me to live with it. I just want to be able to play with my friends in the US. Long as I can do that, i'm happy.

    And out of curiosity I did tracerts to the mentioned IPs... SE Asia server was 153ms, US server was 203ms. Not exactly a huge difference.

    Yeah a server full of people I can't understand. Lovely.

    Thanks for nothing, Blizzard. D:

    It worked in the original battlenet, now it's a feature they'll look into after launch, what's the odds it will come with a price tag.

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