Here’s The First Copy Of StarCraft II In Australia

Here’s The First Copy Of StarCraft II In Australia

The truck carrying StarCraft II arrives at EB’s Brisbane midnight launch, as seen on Gamers-Underground.

Kotaku reader Jamie snapped these. Head over to his blog to see heaps more.


  • Are there any cosplayer photos? I can clearly see a Kerrigan there… If it’s a fat guy in a bikini, though, just skip it – we could do without seeing THAT.

  • i think star craft 2 is all about retro nostalgia. i am amazed the world is going crazy over it… it is just an RTS. i can’t see how it’ll be much of an improvement over previous RTS’s.

    just like every other RTS these days, i don’t last longer than a couple of hours before it gets shelved for good.

    not saying it’ll suck, because it won’t, just amazed at the world’s reaction to the pending release.

    • Same could be said for the next RPG or FPS.
      When you get right down to it it’s all been done before, it just depends on whether you enjoy that kinda thing.

    • I am guessing you probably didn’t play all of the original. As an illustration, imagine watching the first season of Lost. Then imagine that they said they are not releasing season 2 for 10 years. You could probably imagine some people would be keen to see it.

      • Yeah – it really is about the whole waiting so many years for a sequel – of course it’s going to build up to a point where hype just over flows…

  • I reckon this could be bigger than Halo: Reach’s release.
    Projections are that this would sell 15 million copies compared to 10-11 for Halo: Reach.

    Perhaps the gross amount Reach makes in its first day/week/month may be bigger, but sales could definitely go to Starcraft!

    • I figure it’s to get all the non-Starcraft fans to play. Basically you give your friends 7 hours to get hooked, then they either buy the game or they stop playing. Better than a demo because you’re not restricted to a certain subsection of the game.

  • lol, that was a fun night.

    I got some good shots of Kerrigan & a few of the other cosplayers but the quallity is a little shoddy as it was only taken on my iphone.

    If you guys want ’em anyway, shoot me an email and I’ll send you a link to the zip file. 🙂

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