How Does Nintendo 3DS Street Fighter Compare?

On the left, console and arcade game Street Fighter IV. On the right, the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV.


    The one on the left doesn't look right. I don't think it's the arcade or console version. The revenge meter is missing from the bottom corners, and the combo meters don't look right.

      Must be one of the earlier arcade versions. I found a few pics that seem to match. Main differences are Revenge meter is at the top and the combo meter isn't broken into EX segments.

      As Steven said, good output from the 3DS.

        It is indeed the arcade version, but the consoles and the arcade versions have pretty much the same, graphics-wise.
        This is amazing power from the 3DS, and all on an old 2006 graphics chip too!

    Gotta say, that's mighty impressive for a handheld

    Very nice for a handheld, very very nice. Hopefully, though, the 3D only helps it, and doesn't make it look delirious.

    I hope that new 3ds thumbstick is reliable.

    3D Chunk- Li thighs... *swoon*

      They come out of the screen and choke you to death. It's an easter egg.

    Looks AWESOME, although the muscles and hair look a bit weird.

    How it looks could actually be pretty irrelevent.

    Does the game run at a constant 60fps? For a SF game, especially 4 with its 1 frame links, this is extremely important.

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