How Is StarCraft II So Far?

Some of you have purchased StarCraft II. Some might have been in the beta. Some might not. But to those who have picked up the game and began playing it, what do you think? Hit us up in the comments.


    Wow, no comments yet. Its almost as if everyone is out doing something...

    For what its worth, its just gone quarter to 5 in the morning, and I think I'm done for the night. Hope everyone is having as much fun with it as I am.

    I installed it at 8pm last night. Logged about 6 hours of play so far.

    So far I think its great the mission hubs are good, with a few plot elements and a couple humorous things (the iPistol add on the TV was great).
    So far the game plays like Starcraft (this is a good thing) but is prettier).

    I've only played the first few missions, but the buying of powerups and mercs between missions is sort of cool.

    That good huh?

    Different, but still good. It has immense value for money what with user made mods, maps, multiplayer, challenge missions, difficulties, achievements (not really crazy for, but still if you want a goal based challenge go nuts) not to mention in-game games.

    6 missions in and I think it's time to ramp up the difficulty, but visually and technically it runs well. If Starcraft 1 lasted for 12 years, I see this lasting a long time too.

    I love it. Though last night i was playing against a korean playing in a factory for Americans achievement farming apparently.

    My first thought was "oh, this is the Diablo 3 engine".

    The installation was hell. The main game installed alright, but when the initial patch needed to download, it screwed with my modem and caused it to reset multiple times, making the 40MB download take about 40 minutes.

    Pretty alright so far.

    Well if I could get it to go beyond "Unable to Download Authentication Module. Try Again Later" I could have added my experiences actually playing the damn thing.

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