How PlayStation Move Trumps Wii And Kinect, According To Sony

This is a page from Sony's Holiday 2010 catalogue. Click it to enlarge before you start debating it. One element not compared is price, of course, which we broke down yesterday.


    I like how they state "Blu-Ray powered HD...", as if Blu-Ray is the defining factor in regards to resolution.

    Nice brand placement Sony.

    Lol, nice comparison:

    rechargeable batteries and secondary controller

    Or how they mention that the second controller also has rechargeable batteries too - there's another yes/no/no column! Pity they don't mention that Kinect doesn't HAVE controllers - you use your body, or alternatively the existing wireless, rechargeable battery controllers most already have.

    Oh No! Kinect doens't have built in rechargeable batteries! How ever will it operate!?


    What does augmented reality mean?

      It's basically a wanky term for using a computer to enhance a real life situation. eg taking a photo and it adds in a 3D character to be standing next to you.

    Talk about clever marketing, any sucker would immediately see the Move as a better peripheral.

    Although Id have to say, even without them, the Kinect is just an advance PS2 Peripheral with integration into the 360 OS, and the Wii mainly suffers from its unique and linear selection of games.

    Having said that, here's hoping that sony game dev's wont just make games with the move for the sake of making games then the selection will turn out like the Wii.

      Augmented reality is when you show a video image, say of yourself holding the move wand thingy, and something is overlaid on the image which reacts and follows movement in real time. Basically, you might be holding the controller in real life, but the screen shows you holding a sword, or a tennis racket or something instead, and it appears to swing around as you move your hand. The reality of the video is augmented by real time CG.

    WHAT! the Kinect isn't wireless?
    Do you have to string yourself up like a puppet?

    The best bit is how they list "Camera" and "Image Capture" seperately. Why would they make a camera that didn't capture images.

    Also it's funny how they say that the Wii Remote must be "tethered" to you. First, nobody wants something "tethered" to them, and second they leave out the fact that they will need their Move controllers to be "tethered" to you as well.

      I think it means the secondary controller (nunchuk) must be tethered to the Wiimote to be wireless.

    Wait, so Kinect doesn't have a 2ndary controller and therefore FAILS the wireless test??

    Logic astounds me.

    Gotta love it.
    It's just to bad everyone has to copy everyone.

    Yeah, they do seem to distort things in regards to Kinect (i.e. rechargable batteries, secondary controller).

    And "wireless" too... of course Kinekt isn't wireless; its controllerless as well.

    This isn't apples-apples. Kinekt is the freak of the motion control bunch. Move is more like the Wii generally so the comparisons are fairer there.

    That said I have little interest in these motion control devices so I can't exactly say I hope any specific device succeeds or fails. That said, if you want one console and one console only, the PS3 overall offers the most complete package (even if the 360 has slightly better gaming performance on multiplats generally).

    Marvel at the Playstation Move's mighty buttons!

    They've got you there Microsoft!

    I half hoped it would just be that image of Kevin Butler holding one and saying "It has buttons!"

    I'm still struggling to see how Kinect games will work effectively in 3 dimensions. How would you ever get a game like GoW or Resident Evil working with it?

    For me the Kinect needs an extra peripheral for 3D movement (with buttons!) to be more than just a gimmick.

    Er.. Wii has a camera doesnt it.

    Either way its a pretty fickle comparison, but then again it is Sony


    Buttons are important... How are you going to initiate a command with kinect?

    Nod your head?

    Typically obvious spin from Sony. So much of this is Sony arbitrarily deciding what is best, and some of it is straight-up lying.

    This sort of thing should actually warrant some sort of consumer affairs inquiry. This isn't about Sony promoting their product, it's about Sony trying their very best to spread misconceptions about their competitors' products. It's all well and good for it to be seen here on Kotaku where we all see through the lies and have a good laugh at how petty Sony are, but to the average consumer - the people this sort of list is supposed to be for - it's believable. Quite frankly, it's appalling.

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