How The Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack Was Won

Whether you're a fan of old-timey Westerns or just excellent things in general, the soundtrack to Red Dead Redemption is one of the all-time greats. Here's how it was made!

I wouldn't have guessed, for example, you'd put a trumpet on a drum. But they did, which is how you get that haunting "Mexican" trumpet sound. Or that they used Tommy Morgan for the harmonica sections. Morgan has played the instrument on the soundtracks to The Wild Bunch, Hang 'Em High, High Plains Drifter and Blazing Saddles, so yeah, there's nobody more perfect for the job.


    That was awesome! Yet another reason why this game is so great...

    I want the music supervisors job!!! Think the hardest thing there would have been finding those period instruments, that is, the ones that aren't considered modern today

    Really liked the end song credits for RDR.

    A really exceptional soundtrack that really sets the tone of the game as well as the time in which RDR takes place in. I especially loved how they used the song 'Compass' in the game. :D

    The music at the ending was really effective and sad

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