How To Score A Beer Belly In Halo: Reach

If you want to look like a battle-hardened, Covenant-crushing space marine type, yet don't want people to forget how much you love to party, then GameStop has the Halo: Reach preorder incentive for you.

The UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V(B) armour is a special bonus suit customers will score by preordering Halo: Reach in any of its incarnations at their local GameStop. And by bonus suit, I mean two bonus suit pieces that seriously look like a futuristic laptop cover and a belt filled with beer cans. Here's the official description:

"While Mark V MJOLNIR armour is designed to operate in a wide variety of combat situations, the UA/Multi-Threat configuration provides Spartans with the most impact across all combat scenarios. The chest piece's lightweight design allows for maximum freedom of movement while standard MJOLNIR defence systems provide the resilience that helped make Spartans the stuff of legend."

I'm guessing the MJOLNIR defence systems they are talking about is the bandolier of beer. While I can't see it being practical in a combat situation, I can see it making you the stuff of legends at the next post-Covenant slaughter Spartan kegger.

Wooo! Go Spartans! Chug!

I'll probably hold out in case Best Buy gets the beer bong accessory.


    Actually, if you read the description properly, the MJORLNIR defence system is the standard armour... which works in conjunction with the chest piece 'Multi-threat configuration' setup.

    The 'belt' is cleary just 40mm grenades.

    Either way, looks alright. I guess.

      Course they are - He's a Spartan!
      You wouldn't see him drinking a west end or something. They would all go home after a battle, crack a case of 40mm and use plastic explosive as dip for their grunt-bone crackers.

    Well aren't you just a damn killjoy... any kittens you wanna go out and kick now while you're at it?

      lol! f***ing excellent call. :D

      I love how the name of the armour and the whole 'beer' thing tie in -it's brilliant! "UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V(B)" --> get it? Victoria Bitter. More than mere coincidence??

    So Australia gets a little headpiece, and America gets a gut and some beer cans?

    Favouritism anyone?

      I would have said accurate...

      We're getting the Reach version of the armour that you had to work your ass off to obtain in Halo 3. I think we did pretty well.

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