Hulu Plus For PS3 Doesn't Require PlayStation Plus After All

Streaming video service Hulu is coming to the PlayStation 3 this month in subscription form as Hulu Plus. And despite previous reports, you won't need a second subscription to Sony's PlayStation Plus service to enjoy it.

According to Hulu's support staff, a PlayStation Plus subscription is "only a requirement during the preview period" and will not be needed when Hulu Plus launches for the general, PlayStation 3-owning public.

Hulu Plus is currently available for the iPad and certain iPhone models, with the PS3 version expected to launch this month. An Xbox 360 version is planned for 2011 and a wider global expansion for Hulu's streaming content is in the works.

Kotaku AU Note: Hulu is not available in Australia.


    "not available in Australia" not that this surprises me but... BOOOOO!

    Hulu could have been available in Australia and almost was, until the networks gave it the finger and opted to create their own digital catchup services. Now, we have 3 different services instead of 1. That's not confusing or annoying at all.

      The only one i have used is channel 9 and it was rubbish.

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