I Would Hurt A Flea

Yesterday I scheduled a vet visit to clear up a nasty flea infestation on my cat, Bear, and buy some weapons-grade chemicals to annihilate their existence. After $US250, you better believe I have a genocidal hatred of fleas.

Fleas are like the crabs except they're harder to get rid of, and and you didn't even get laid when you acquired them. I have to clean my apartment pretty much top to bottom and quarantine Bear for two days while this super-duper flea dip takes effect. We're both pretty unhappy.

Oregon apparently has this problem worse than other locations, and a very very wet spring has meant a record population. That makes me feel a little bit better, but then again I still live in a dump, so while it's probably not attributable solely to my shabby dwelling it certainly does exemplify it.


    Pfft, it's only a cat. They're as much of a pest as fleas.

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