Ice-T Reviews Medal Of Honor's Beta

Rapper and TV cop Ice-T is a man of strong opinions. He is also a man who loves him some video games. So what does he think of Medal of Honor's beta?

It's hard to tell whether that's Modern Warfare fanboyism shining through or not. I'm actually enjoying the beta, especially the objective map. Or, at least, I started enjoying it once I got the half-decent weapons. Lock those out of the final game for that long and you'll get a lot of people putting their controllers down early, EA.

Also, what a life the man leads, where his most pressing concern is choosing which demo to play, then Twittering about it!

[FINALLEVEL @ Twitter]


    You on dope?

    Damn, I hate games with janky multiplayer components!

    i agree with him.. except for the Kane & Lynch demo... that was pretty horrible too

    I get way too many crashes and the server list keeps bugging up. So all I can connect to at the mo are US servers at 300ms+
    The levels look nice but there seems some issues with aliasing/graphics.

      Not just the servers and the crashing... the game feels like MW2 and Bad Company 2's strange and uninspired love child

    I played the Kane and Lynch demo... I thought it sucked.

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