If A Slime Met A Chocobo

If A Slime Met A Chocobo

What would happen if Dragon Quest’s most famous slime encountered Final Fantasy’s most famous bird? Yuji Horii, father of Dragon Quest, must know the answer.

“Maybe Slime hops onto Chocobo,” Horii told Kotaku last week during an interview tied into the US launch of Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS.

Would they fight, Kotaku asked.

“Maybe they would fight,” Horii replied through a translator. “Did you want them to?”

Um, I don’t know? I explained that these are the kinds of final questions one thinks of after sitting in a conference room with Horii and a table that had both a plush Slime between us and a small plastic one tethered to his mobile phone. I had Slimes on the mind, and, hey, we were done talking about serious stuff like how long role-playing games should be.

We didn’t get far with the Chocobo Vs Slime question, but I still asked one more question that I knew I’d be even less likely to get a solid answer to:

“What can you tell people who are excited about Dragon Quest X? How is it taking shape and how far out is it from release?”

Horii: “There is not much I can say at this time about Dragon Quest X. I am sorry. But it’s not that far out.”

Me: “I’ll assume it will be better than IX”

Horii: “Hai.”

For the record, the Chocbos and Slimes appear to have co-starred in the Japanese virtual board game series Itadaki Street. I am unaware of what happens when they meet in that game.

PIC: Slime chasing Chobo


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