If Pokemon Were Real

Hate to break it to you, but they are not. That hasn't stopped art student Alysia from drawing realistic Pocket Monsters. Besides breathing life in to Pokémon like Chatot, Gengar and more, she also has created realistic battle scenes.

Check out more of her work in the link below.

Leashe's Gallery [DeviantArt]


    That is some damn epic skill...

    Oh I like that mewtwo, new iphone background for sure.

    I think this gave me a slight heart attack but, it looks so good.

    girls got some skills

      Yes, but it may decrease the popularity of pokemon if kids ever saw all that. :P

    That gyrados is scary compared to the anime. Wouldn't to cross into that while sailing the seas.

    If pokemon looked like that, it would be awesome. pokemon cross monster hunter would be an excellent game...but not for the kiddies.

    Haunter is way better than Gengar.

    All pokemon should look nasty and deadly. Not some cute thing you cuddle every night before you go to bed. Also that gyrodoss's mouth looks like Predators face.

    haha! I love 'em! Hopefully Alysia keeps at it, and does a few more :)

    Love the Kyogre, not so fond of the Mewtwo though :P


    i'm sorry, you guys, but that is some overwrought, hideous art. just sayin'.

    Some skilled art work. It makes me wish Nintendo would get Bioware to do a Pokémon game for those of us who grew up with it but would like a more mature incarnation of the games. (making the female protagonist 2 years older doesn't count)

    What I don't understand is why people insist that these represent 'realistic' versions of Pokemon. No, they don't. They still look as make-believe as Falcor.
    Sure, they are more artistic, but they sure aren't real.

      I agree. The video game is made of illustrations. And so are these. Illustrations. Doesn't make them any more 'real'. Now if people put together photos of animals and put them together in a realistic way, now that would be good. Just like a photo.

    I think my favourite is the Articuno and Gyarados one.

    Mewtwo freaks me out. D:

    But yeah, these look great. I wouldn't want to see this sort of stylisation in the games, though, unless it were in some kind of fangame/ROM-hack.

    i wish pokemon weren't real now O___O

    i would shit my pants if i saw a gengar.

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